Other publications 

(not peer reviewed)

Articles in "Natural History" magazine:

O'Donnell, S. 2020. Hidden Homes: Cryptic nests are the first line of defense. Natural History July/August: 12-15. (Field notes section about the evolution of camouflaged wasp nests).

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O'Donnell S. 2015. Hug with caution: trees are vicious killers. Natural History 123 May: 30-34. (Feature article on the evolution of trees).

O'Donnell S. 2014. Exploiting the infantry. Natural History 122 July/August: 12-13. (Feature article on birds that follow army ant raids).


Book reviews:

O'Donnell S. 2022. Book review of "Army ants: nature's ultimate social hunters" (by D.J. Kronauer, 2020, Harvard Univ. Press). Quarterly Review of Biology 97: 47.

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