Natural history

film work

Consulting in the field:

Disney Films/Plimsoll series (upcoming), Austin, Texas, USA, February 2022

Netflix/Silverback Films series (upcoming), Tiputini Station- Yasuni region, Ecuador, January/February 2022

PBS Nature (upcoming episode), Coneflower Studios, New Haven, CT, USA, August 2021

Perfect Planet, BBC/Silverback Films series streaming on Discovery Plus, Tapiche Lodge, Peru, April 2019 Video trailer

The Hunt, BBC/Silverback Films series, Tiputini Station- Yasuni region, Ecuador, September 2014 Video: Spectacular army ant video from BBC series "The Hunt"

Great Migrations, National Geographic series: Monteverde and Sta. Rosa, Costa Rica, March and November 2008 Video link


On-camera appearances:

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, BBC America series, Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Ecuador, November- December 2011 Video: Wild Things season 1 episode 6 Ecuador- army ants

Patrick Stewart's Animal Superpowers, Windfall Films/National Geographic television special: Yasuni, Ecuador, July 2011 Video: Animal Superpowers army ants

City of Ants/Antzilla, National Geographic Television special: La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica, spring 2010 Video: NatGeo (my section starts at about 9:10)


Home-based consulting:

BBC/National Geographic production on Africa, June 2022

BBC production on ant behavior, October 2020- January 2021

BBC/Silverback Films special on predators (The Hunt), January 2013-August 2014

Atlantic Productions Ltd., IMAX film on the biology of powered flight, August 2013

BBC channel 1 special Swarm Chasers, hosted by George McGavin, 2012

Cream Productions (Toronto), September-November 2011

Windfall Films, London, England, June 2011

Discovery Channel, February 2010

National Geographic television, fall 2007