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Sean's work on the Disney series "A Real Bug' Life" will be launched on 24 Jan 2024, streaming on Disney+. Link to trailer for "A Real Bug's Life" 

Sean wrote a review article on neurobiology and climate change for "The Conversation"; it has reached over 25,000 readers. Link to article: 

Laura Miller was awarded the 2023 R.L. Jeanne grant for research on paper wasps by the North American Section- International Union for the Study of Social Insects.  

Sean's work filming army ants (Eciton hamatum) with a Silverback films crew in Ecuador is featured in the Netflix series Our Planet II: Episode 4 Freedom to Roam.

Karmi Oxman was awarded the 2023/24 Drexel/Academy of Natural Sciences McLean fellowship to support the final year of her Ph.D. thesis work. 

Meghan Barrett (PhD 2022) received the coveted Eickwort Award for outstanding PhD research from the International Union for the Study of Social Insects.

Sean was an invited panelist and speaker at the Neurobiology and Changing Ecosystems conference hosted by the Kavli Foundation - Los Angeles, November 2022.